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Landlord Gas Safety Checks & CP12

Purchase your gas safety check

  • Prompt bookings

  • Detailed inspection report

  • Instant electronic certificate

  • Annual reminders

  • Only £50 (check up to 2x appliances)

What is a gas safety check? (CP12)
A gas safety check is an inspection of appliances that burn gas such as cookers, gas boilers, gas fires etc. to ensure they are working in accordance with manufacturers guidelines and most importantly "safely"


Who needs a gas safety check (CP12)

It is highly recommended that every property that has a gas appliance has a gas safety check done annually, however the law states that landlords have a legal duty to have an annual gas safety check done to all properties they own or responsible for, this includes all gas appliances, flues, chimneys and gas pipe work.

How often do i need a gas safety check?

As a home owner you should arrange to have a gas safety check done every 12 months

How much does it cost for a gas safety check?

The cost can vary depending on the amount of appliances being tested, the company you choose to carry out the check and if this check is being done in a commercial or domestic setting. As a standard this fee can range from

£50-£100 for a domestic gas safety check,  £120-£200 for a commercial gas safety check.

At City gas we charge a flat rate of £50 for each property tested and this will include up to 2 appliances at the end of which you will receive a gas safety certificate stating if appliances are safe to use or not.

For more information on gas safety checks or to book and engineer please call 07502527929

The information provided on this page is for guidance purposes only, please refer to the health and safety executives website for full disclosure