Radiator System Power Flush & Descale

Is your radiator system...

  • Slow to heat up or not reaching full temperature?

  • Do your radiators have cold spots?

  • Constantly need bleeding?

  • Radiators discoloured?

  • High energy bills?

Then a Powerflush may solve your problem

Our guys are qualified and trained at Kamco one of UK biggest powerflshing pump manufacturers. We use the best UK manufactured pumps, we understand heating systems, we understand Sludge, and most importantly we know how to get it out, 


  • Chemicals, cleaners, anti corrosion inhibitors

  • Combi boiler flush internally

  • Primary & plate Heat-exchanger flushed

  • Complete system pipe work

  • All rads balanced on completion

  • PH & TDS levels checked & corrected

  • Full Inspection & completion report given

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What is a Radiator system power flush
A radiator power flush is a process of removing a build up of sludge Black iron-oxide) and particles of corroded metals from your central heating system and pipe work. This build up of sludge is caused by a poorly maintained heating system or in a lot of cases a heating system that has been worked on by or installed by unqualified tradespeople. 


What can i expect from a poorly maintained heating system

A badly maintained heating system can be very expensive if its not nipped in the bud. For starters your boiler has to work many times harder to pump through heavy sludge (instead of water diluted with inhibitor) through the system which costs more in energy bills, then there is the over worked heating system will naturally have more breakdowns costing you the national average of £400-£1200 spend on annual breakdowns a year, not to mention you'll be left with some from the long list below

When do i need my central heating system power flushing?

  • When radiator system is slow to warm up

  • When radiator system not getting up to full temperature

  • When some radiators are completely or partially cold (cold spots)

  • When radiators constantly need bleeding

  • When your radiators start to look dirty and discoloured

  • When your pump is always failing

  • When you have high energy bills.

Having a power flush is highly recommended by all professional heating engineers when having a new boiler installed

What is the process when power flushing my radiators?

  • One radiator is drained from your heating system so the Kamco Clearflow flushing machine can be hooked up.

  • The pump system will start to pumping the cleaning & descaling chemicals through your heating system.

  • Every radiator is then isolated & cleaned one by one 

  • Using different speeds and directions to get the sludge moving then flushed out.

  • We also use thermal imaging equipment to check for cold spots and areas of sludge build up.

  • Once the flush is complete,,,

  • Heating system will be topped up with system inhibitor. 

  • all radiators will be balanced to ensure even distrabution 

  • Explain how to maintain heating systems for log lasting and efficient lifespan 

Ok.... so what type of equipment and machinery will city gas use for the power flushing?

The industry leading Kamco Clearflow power flushing system, with a max flow rate of 90ltrs per min gushing through your heating system. add that with some the best sludge cleaning and descaling fluids and thermal imaging cameras to go looking for those problem areas.

For more information on radiator power flushing or to book a heating engineer please call 07502527929



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