Do you need a Power Flush?

If you are having problems with your central heating system or your heating engineer has confirmed the presence of sludge or a blockage and recommended a system flush, then you may need a power flush. In some instances your insurance company may have also recommended a power flush

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Does your system have the following symptoms

Having constant boiler breakdowns
Cold/warm at the bottom of radiators
Banging or unusual noises coming from the boiler
Radiators constantly need bleeding
Black or brown water present in your radiators
Signs of rust at the bottom of your radiators
Heating system never gets fully hot

"These are typical signs of sludge in your system"

How much does a power flush cost?

As competitive as we are on pricing we also guarantee a quality service and a full central heating power flush by one of our own heating engineers who is gas safe registered and even better-Trained direct at Kamco one of UK's first and biggest power flush pump manufacturers.

Please us our pricing tool to get your power flush quote

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Why City Gas

  • 5 Star rated service 

  • 100+ google reviews

  • System water Treated on completion

  • Radiators balanced on completion 

  • Full System report/ Certificate with every Power flush

  • System flushed by Kamco trained heating engineer

  • All Flushes are done by us (no sub-contracting)

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Improve the Efficiency of Your Heating System!


The functioning of your central heating system may deteriorate over time. We understand how inconvenient it can be for you if the heating system isn't operating properly. Internal contaminants like sludge, rust, and other pollutants present in the water of the heating system can lead to its corrosion. It can create difficulties with circulation and also cause boiler noises such as kittling. Eventually, this can lead to breakdown of your heating system & boiler, reducing its efficiency. To deal with such issues, you may need to immediately hire the experts for Power Flush service.

Contact one of our heating engineers immediately. We are happy to address any inquiries you may have regarding power flushing.

Do You Need A Power Flush Service?
Many of you must be wondering do I need to look for one of the best power flush companies near me. Isn't it? If yes, then let assist you.

If you've encountered any of the following issues with the heating system, you may need a power flush service if: -

  • Radiator warm up slowed down

  • Pump making a noise

  • Some radiators stay cold

  • Radiators require frequent bleeding

  • Radiator cold spots

  • Boiler making noise

  • Blocked inoperative or leaking radiator valves

  • Heating circulation problems

  • Having regular boiler breakdowns

Main Perks Of Our Power Flush Service
One of our certified specialists will perform a central heating power flush to thoroughly restore the flow of water throughout your central heating system. Our power flush equipment will circulate low pressure/high-velocity water and chemicals through your system to eliminate rust, dirt, and debris. We also will separate each radiator and clean it separately using the power flush service pump to maximize your system's performance.

  • Restore water circulation

  • Sludge will be removed

  • Remove any rust or dirt

  • Separate radiators

  • Flush the radiator

  • Heating time is reduced


What Will I Need To Pay?

City Gas promises to provide the best levels of service at an accessible price without sacrificing quality, service, guarantee, or professionalism. When planning to know more about the cost of Power Flush, you can certainly use our price calculator. It will provide you with a fixed price quote without any hidden charges in it.

We Guarantee the Best
A Power Flush service is usually provided by competent and skilled engineers, with no mess or complex installations. All of our engineers have received the highest level of training. Power flushing will resolve all the contaminant-related problems that you might face with your heating system over time.

If you are considering cleaning up your present gas combi boiler, always feel free to contact us as we are constantly offering you special deals on the cost of power flush when taken with a new combi boiler installation. Also, please keep in mind to Power Flush your heating system before installing a new boiler.

CTA - When you contact a heating engineer from City Gas for a power flush, you can be assured that you will receive the professional skills required to complete the job perfectly.